Does LED Light Have a Future in Homes?

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Where does the future of LED light for homes lie?  Is there a future, or are LED lights the echelon of light innovation and there isn't really any where to go from here?  

Rogier Van Der Heide, the creative genius behind the installation above and the new Chief Design Officer at Phillips Lighting, can answer these questions.

When asked about the future of lighting with LEDs, Van Der Heide replied:

LED technology is not the future of lighting; it is today….The technology is improving at an incredible pace. Every six months, there is a new generation of LED light sources. The applications of LED are unlimited, and LED provides unparalleled design freedom. In architecture, you can put the light source where you could never put it, as it is small and does not require access for maintenance. The future is in applications of LED that are based on the technology’s intrinsic qualities—products that inspire and enable designers in ways conventional lighting could never do.

The quote was taken from an online interview at *livedesignonline. So, according to Van Der Heide, LED lighting has a promising future.  I really wanted to put a pun in that sentence.  You can thank me for excluding one by commenting on what you think of Van Der Heide.  His website has many more examples. His work is absolutely breath taking, don't you think?.  


Rogier van der Heide
Rogier Van Der Heide can be found on **Twitter and ***Linkedin


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