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LED Light Speaker.

October 26, 2010

This LED light speaker is a concept design that makes sense.  The mash-up of light and sound isn’t a new idea, so it doesn’t surprise me that someone has incorporated a speaker into a light bulb. You can read the full article here.

Light, sound, and visual media go hand in hand. The bulb above may or may not gain commercial appeal but the marriage between sound and light is well supported.  MTV helped concrete the visual art with the musical art. Growing up in the 80’s as a teenager MTV and I shared an adolescence.  MTV has matured over the years and lost its video roots, but music videos were key to it’s earlier success.

The 60’s were characterized my subcultures and one those was the psychedelic scene. Visual media played a strong part in that.  In fact, some of the initial pioneers later went on to blaze new trails in the visual arts industry.

Below are a couple of examples of visual media and light being used along side a musical production.  Let me know in the comments what I missed. I’d like to hear what areas you’re excited about.

Remember the psychedelic lighting of the 60’s?

Have any of you been to a laser light show rendition of Pink Floyd’s the Wall?

Have you ever watched a music video using augmented reality?


There is a similar product being commercially marketed I learned recently from a commenter on another one of my sites. Check out this video below.  More information can be found at


What Are Some Other Uses For Incandescent Bulbs? Art?

October 18, 2010

What are some other uses for incandescent bulbs? Annisa Fardan Nabila and Aulia Amanda Santoso, finalists in the 2010 Spring Greening Competition, can answer that.  They re-purposed the bulbs above as a spice rack.  I don't know about the longevity of the project, because of the fragile nature of the bulbs, but the design is very appealing. 

Do you have another use for your old incandescent bulbs?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Your Project Might Need An Expert

October 9, 2010

Are you knee deep in a project and you don’t know what you’re doing?  Your project might need an expert.  Below is an abstract from FeatureLight with some advice for those of us in this situation.

Homeowners should seek expert help in accordance with their own DIY skills if planning kitchen overhauls such as fitting new appliances or new ceiling lights, suggests Tim Doherty. Read More…

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Join the CREE LED Revolution!

October 8, 2010

Take the pledge!

This idea is smart.  CREE, one of the US’ leading LED manufacturers, is positioning, you, the consumer, to make informed decisions about emerging lighting technology.  Click here for more.


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D Signed and the Fraunhofer Institute presents a new modular OLED lamp design

October 3, 2010

via OLED-Info 

D Signed, the Serbian design studio run by Irena Kilibarda is presenting a new modular OLED lamp design, called “Lamped”, on which they worked on for over 2 years. The idea is to use OLED tiles that are joined with “ball joints” so you can move it all directions – and use it as a floor lamp, hanging lamp, desktop light, etc. They have demoed the lamp in Tent London (during the London Design Festival in September) with 12 OLED tiles (provided by the Fraunhofer Institute), but they say that the idea is that you can use as many tiles as you want.

Lamped by d-signed oled photo

We do not have any more information currently (like whether they intend to actually manufacture such lamps), but we do have a couple of more great photos:

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AMOLED Displays For Automobiles

October 2, 2010

Kia is showing a new car concept called POP. It’s an electric car that has a transparent OLED panel behind the steering wheel. The OLED displays the speed, battery charge and more information.

Kia POP inside photo

It’s not really a ‘heads-up-display’ as it’s rather low, but it still enables the driver eyes to be closer to the road when he views information compared to regular dashboard displays.

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LED Light for Autombiles is Coming Soon

October 1, 2010
 LED light for Automobiles is coming soon.  I don’t mean the after-market-pimp-my ride kind of LEDs, either.  Those have been here for a while.  Read on.

27may09HellaVW 200.jpgStandard cars will have LED headlights in the next 18 months, according to headlight maker Hella.

“Expect a breakthrough into volume within the next year or one and a half years,” Steffen Pietzonkam head of marketing at Hella, told Electronics Weekly, “We are working on 13 or 14 car models with full LED headlamps.”

Both Audi’s R8 and Cadillac’s Escalade Platinum are in production with full (both main and dip beams) LED headlights.

[via electronicsweekly]

It’s been 15 months since this article was published promising LED headlights within 18 months.  Are any of you driving cars with LED head lights?  Let me know in the comments.  If you are, then you can come pick me up;  we’ll cruise a bit.  How about it?


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