LED Light for Autombiles is Coming Soon

 LED light for Automobiles is coming soon.  I don’t mean the after-market-pimp-my ride kind of LEDs, either.  Those have been here for a while.  Read on.

27may09HellaVW 200.jpgStandard cars will have LED headlights in the next 18 months, according to headlight maker Hella.

“Expect a breakthrough into volume within the next year or one and a half years,” Steffen Pietzonkam head of marketing at Hella, told Electronics Weekly, “We are working on 13 or 14 car models with full LED headlamps.”

Both Audi’s R8 and Cadillac’s Escalade Platinum are in production with full (both main and dip beams) LED headlights.

[via electronicsweekly]

It’s been 15 months since this article was published promising LED headlights within 18 months.  Are any of you driving cars with LED head lights?  Let me know in the comments.  If you are, then you can come pick me up;  we’ll cruise a bit.  How about it?


Check out LED Light Bulbs at GoldenGadgets
Check out Eaglelight’s LED 60 watt equivalent

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