LED Light Speaker.

This LED light speaker is a concept design that makes sense.  The mash-up of light and sound isn’t a new idea, so it doesn’t surprise me that someone has incorporated a speaker into a light bulb. You can read the full article here.

Light, sound, and visual media go hand in hand. The bulb above may or may not gain commercial appeal but the marriage between sound and light is well supported.  MTV helped concrete the visual art with the musical art. Growing up in the 80’s as a teenager MTV and I shared an adolescence.  MTV has matured over the years and lost its video roots, but music videos were key to it’s earlier success.

The 60’s were characterized my subcultures and one those was the psychedelic scene. Visual media played a strong part in that.  In fact, some of the initial pioneers later went on to blaze new trails in the visual arts industry.

Below are a couple of examples of visual media and light being used along side a musical production.  Let me know in the comments what I missed. I’d like to hear what areas you’re excited about.

Remember the psychedelic lighting of the 60’s?

Have any of you been to a laser light show rendition of Pink Floyd’s the Wall?

Have you ever watched a music video using augmented reality?


There is a similar product being commercially marketed I learned recently from a commenter on another one of my sites. Check out this video below.  More information can be found at klipsch.com.


2 Responses to “LED Light Speaker.”

  1. Ed Haase Says:

    The concept above will never be produced because it is not a viable design, however you can see the real thing at http://www.klipsch.com/lightspeaker. This product really exists, and is in stores now.

    Thank you,
    Ed Haase
    Kadence Designs, LLC

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