What Does An LED Bulb Have To Do With Jets?

This bulb is a monster.  The story below has been catching some buzz over the past few weeks so I wanted to make sure you were aware of it.  This bulb won’t be in your home anytime soon (you’re probably sighing with relief), but the technology will.  So, what does an LED bulb have to do with jets?  Engineers at GE have designed a bulb that will emit,
1,500 lumens of light — equal to a 100-watt halogen spotlight — but uses only a third of the energy! 
GE Engineers reached this benchmark by designing a better heat management system.  LEDs are suseptible to heat and are damaged at relatively low temperatures.  GE design a system of bellows and cavities that direct air, naturally, from a high to low area of pressure, much like the design of a jet engine. 

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Heat synchs will be used more effectively using GE’s design.  The result is a bulb that can operate at a higher current, which creates more lumens, without getting too hot, without damage occurring or a decrease in efficientcy.

The full story can be found, here, on Inhabitat’s site.


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