A Green Christmas

[via FeatureLight UK]
“In the run-up to Christmas 2010, more commercial Christmas trees could feature LED lighting as retailers look to lower the environmental impact of large-scale decorations.

Festive decorations designer Christmas Lights, Etc says that the power consumption of a normal 23-foot tree reaches 8,160 Watts.

With LED lighting, this drops to 1,566 Watts, making the technology a way to demonstrate festive spirit and environmental awareness in the run-up to Christmas.” 

The article above is worth a read.  Everyone is becoming “green” minded.  It’s true.  For example, the 2010 Christmas season will feature an unprecedented offering of LED lights as dreams of a White Christmas settle for the reality of a Green one. 

The picture above from Inhabitat is of the Rockefeller Center’s famous tree decked out in LED lights.  This photo is from 2007 and the LED adornments were a first for the famous Fir.  A LED Christmas tree in 2007 was cutting edge but we still haven’t progressed much in our thinking.  An LED Christmas tree is still thought of as cutting edge and futuristic, so the adoption has really been slow-going for mainstream America.  However, there are some companies that are leading the charge.  Home Depot isn’t dragging their feet.  They are offering a Trade In Program to ease customers into using LEDs.

In a similar effort, but not Christmas related, Lowes is offering to recycle your CFLs.  Lowes has been critizied in the past for not celebrating Christmas, so it’s no shock that their program doesn’t involve a Christmas theme.  Check out the video below for more details on Lowes’ recycling program.


Join in the seasonal fun of the Holidays but this year consider giving the gift of conservation and good stewardship.  This planet has to last us awhile.  Check out the links below for LED Christmas lights.

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