Install Automotive LED Lights


This post is less to do about changing out a tail light on a Jeep and more about the ease of installation. The LED industry has made it easy to convert from standard lighting to LED lighting.


Automotive LED lights are no exception. As you can see in the video, it took just minutes. What makes this possible is the forethought that was put into developing clever mechanisms that allow the automotive LED lights to work with the existing hardware.  Similar solutions are also available for home lighting situations.  See below.


Pretty easy, right?  Automobiles are a little different in that they require a little more skill but there are tons of tutorials on the web.  I’m particularlly fond of Youtube.

You have other options, but a video tutorial is the best for the visual learner, in my opinion. If you feel you can’t make the conversion to LED because you aren’t good with your hands then take it to the web. There are just too many options for people to be sitting on our hands. Check out the web for handy advice before you start your next project.


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