How to Install LED lights in a Kitchen


Our kitchens are where we spend a lot of our time.  This means that this room, in particular, will spend more time with the lights on than some of the other rooms in our homes.  The video above will detail how to install LED lights in a Kitchen.

I found this video helpful, though, a little on the lo-fi side.  I still think you’ll see the benefit as well as the simplicity of retro-fitting your home for LED lighting.  As an added bit of advice, I would suggest stringing the project out to stretch your dollar.  Do this by converting to LED light bulbs as the old standard bulbs or CFLs burn out to avoid the cost of all your LEDs on the front end.  Replace them one at a time.

Are you in the middle of an LED project?  Let us hear about it.  Post your adventures or misadventures in the comments below.


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