Will Government Reward You For Using LED Lights In Your Homes?

“Positive environmental benefits could come as a result of both homeowners and businesses switching to LED lighting … Tax deductions and grants may be available for individuals who decide to replace their lights with LEDs.” [via featurelight]

Have you thought about the tax breaks or incentives that you might be eligible for through your green-minded efforts?  Your concern for the environment doesn’t have to be altogether altruistic. 

You can strive to save money or even make money without loosing your Environmentalist Badge of Honor.  Ah, Cool!  A badge of honor!  “How do I get one,” you say?  You don’t.  I just made that up. 
There is a snobbery that encircles the green movement which looks down on any endeavor that isn’t 100% pure, through and through.  The fact is, most people can’t afford to “green” every aspect of their life.  However, the battle can be won if small, incremental steps are encouraged.

Looking at your homes’ or business’  lighting is a good start.  Adding LED bulbs, progressively, as the old lights burn out, is a smart and strategic method for adding LED light to homes and businesses, while maintaining a budget.  Plus, you may be rewarded through federal and state incentive programs.

Business incentives and tax breaks
Home incentives and tax breaks


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