The World’s Largest LED Animatronics Show

The Crane Dance is the largest animatronics show of its kind and is the pride of The Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, China. 

Barco, a global leader in entertainment lighting solutions, has provided the LED screen technology for ‘Crane Dance’, one of the most spectacular fixed performances ever put together. The show, located at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, features the world’s largest pair of animatronics figures dancing on a barge 60 meters out at sea. The challenging conditions of the show, including the rapid movements of the structures and their height, required a totally unique solution. This involved Barco’s FLX-24 LED modules and DX-700 image processing units, resulting in truly astounding visual effects.  [More at Barco]


Below are a few facts from The Resorts World Sentosa website; this isn’t Chuckie Cheese hardware.


  The whole Crane Dance structure weighs 500 tons. Each crane weighs 80 tons – as heavy as 10 adult African elephants.




The attraction took over 36 months to develop.


  The cranes operate in 6 axes of movement utilizing top of the line motion control systems to prevent collision – similar to those used by Japanese bullet trains.



The cranes are powered entirely on four giant hydraulic power units, totally 5,000 horsepower – each HPU is good enough to fly a small aircraft.


  36,720 litres of sea water is used in each show to form the 25-metre ‘water wings’ – the same volume of fresh water can sustain an average person for 50 years.

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